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There are many reasons why I would never exchange my slow cooker for any other appliance and the most important one is the fact that my slow cooker can do anything. Since I spent quite a lot of time choosing my slow cooker, I have been able to enjoy all its benefits. In fact, my slow cooker also works as an oven, a microwave, a stovetop and so much more. Well, not really, but you know what? I can make most things in my slow cooker without needing other appliances.

slow cooker

Here are some things I use my slow cooker for to make

Bake Quick Bread In Your Slow Cooker

When I want to make a quick bread, I prefer my slow cooker. I prepare the dough and leave it to rest in the fridge. After that, I just pop it into my slow cooker and let it bake for about 60 minutes. If I am in the mood for bread with a beautiful golden crust on top, I just stick it under my broiler for a couple more minutes and that’s all.

Make Coffee In Bulk With My Slow Cooker

When the hot summer months roll in, I need cold coffee all the time. My slow cooker rescues me from making a mug of coffee and running back and forth from the kitchen all day long. This is because I use my cooker to make coffee in bulk. For every ounce of ground coffee, I use about 2 cups of water. I allow it to rest for about 8 hours (overnight, in my case) and then strain it in the morning. I use an airtight dispenser for storing my coffee and it almost lasts for a month.

Prepare Delicious Enchiladas With A Slow Cooker

Slow cooking and stewing is easy in the slow cooker as it is the primary purpose of this appliance. However, I discovered that once I got a hang of the roast function, I could prepare amazing enchiladas in my slow cooker. I usually let the pork to stew before I leave for work and when I come back, it is beautifully cooked and just falling apart. Then, I get some enchilada mix from the grocery store and use tortillas for serving it up to my family.

Eat Tasty Desserts Made In A Slow Cooker

After years of using my slow cooker, I have ended up making various desserts in my slow cooker. This includes creme brulee with the perfect cracked top, carrot cake that is lovely and moist, cheesecake, fudgy brownies, pudding cake, chocolate clusters, bread pudding, pie pudding, ganache, stuffed apples, fondue, fruit and chocolate compote, rice pudding, and so much more.

I always keep my slow cooker properly clean and maintain it because I depend on it so much for everything.

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